(*) Produced or Co-Produced AND Engineered.  All others Engineered and/or Mixed and/or Mastered

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2020/2021:   Studio Album Production has been postponed  due to Covid.
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All Eyes Open*
All Eyes Open Debut EP
Scarlet (Ben and Adrienne McCoy) Scarlet Indie (Record/Mix)
Chip and The Old Blocks* Chip and The Old Blocks Indie (Overdubs/Mix)
Hanover Fist Hanover Fist Tracking
The Birdhorse (Toni Hartley) Fool’s Adventure Independent (mix)
Beth Crookham Little Yellow Plums
Independent (Record/Mix)
Ann Wilson of HEART Live Recording Live Audio Recording for a not yet released Concert Tour Film
Capricious* Two Goats and a Dream EP
Crystal Fussell* Crystal Fussell EP
The Swells* The Swells EP
Daren Jackson Rap Critic
Powell Palmer* Powell Palmer Independent
Daren Jackson* Style Clashes EP
Kelly Zullo Kelly Zullo Independent
Susan O’Toole Solo Piano Independent
Chasity Scott Chasity Scott Independent
Justin Hoke Open Sky
Independent (Record)
Medicated Sunfish* Medicated Sunfish Independent (5 song EP)
Jim Nelson Just  Another Day
Independent (Mix, Mastering)
Ken Dunn The Great Unknown “Best Album” February 2016 in Americana category at the Akademia Music Awards in L.A.
Logan Crocker* Logan Crocker Independent (6 song EP)
April Evans April Evans
Sue Immen* Sue Immen Solo Piano
Clancy Thompson Clancy Thompson Storyteller
Anne Majer* Transcending Flight Wing Strum Records
Heather Rogers* Acoustic Pieces Independent (5 song EP)
Green House* Green House Independent
The Clams The Clams Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Independent (Mix, Mastering)
Rob Nathanson Sea of Stones
Innova Recordings
Vanessa Lynch*  Walking Blind  independent
Mike Jones  All Over The Map Independent (Mix/Mastering)
Taryn & Linda Say You Wanna Independent (Additional Recording, Mix/ Mastering)
Anna Gutmanis* Lately It’s Cold
Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes
2 singles for Radio
Distinguished Gents/D. Allen Brain Trust Music independent (Mastering)
Nina Repeta* Nina REPETA Jazz Album independent
Tory Trujillo* Still Point independent
Jim Nelson The Blues and Elsewhere
2014 Cape Fear Blues Society NOMINEE, Best Self-Produced Blues CD
independent (Mix/Mastering)
Folkstar Loud and Clear Karma Fury Records (Mix)
Emily Burdette* Make Believe independent
Dennis Brinson* Sorry bout Your Luck independent
Sean Richardson* Sean Richardson independent
Upstarts and Rogues Twain Shall Meet independent (Partial Mix, Mastering)
Watershed* 5 song EP independent
Gwain Nighthawk Canyon Storm independent (Mastering)
Folkstar (Kim Dicso & Sue Cag) Emotional Bootcamp Karmic Fury Records (Mix, Mastering)
Nina Repeta* 9 independent
Lukas Lamb* Lift Off independent
Beachbilly Brothers Watching The Ocean Roll Away independent (Mix)
Los Cunados de Tierra Caliente Tu Mundo Ya No Es Mi Mundo independent
Coolidge Band Galaxy Coolidge Entertainment (Mix)
Coolidge Band Sugar Bone Coolidge Entertainment (Mix)
Cindy Rhodes* Mermaid Blessings independent
Anna Gutmanis* Glimmer In The Dark independent (Canadian)
The Hip Hop Co-op* First Taste independent
Kara Carlson* Kara Carlson independent
Katarina Boudreaux* Mistral independent
Crys Matthews Back Roads and Driveways independent
Nina Repeta* Nina Repeta’s Christmas independent
Bag of Toys Santa Bring More Beer Single (Mix)
Jenrose Cowgirl Up independent (Mix, Mastering)
Lukas Lamb Pipe Dreams independent (5 song CD)
Jamie Anderson Better Than Chocolate independent (Partial Record/Mix)
Elke Fondan Whisper The Trees independent (Mix, Mastering) (Canadian)
Nina Repeta* Good To Me independent
Ducharme Family Bluegrass Down On The River independent (Mix) (Canadian)
Aubrey Shamel* Beauty Of The World Independent (3 song EP)
Nan Cameron* The Smiling Practice, a Qigong meditation independent
Kid Get Right Kid Get Right independent
L Shape Lot* Looks Like Snow independent
John Sweeney* Spread The Love independent
Someone’s Sister* Calm In The Chaos independent
Amy Lashley* For What It’s Worth independent
Spencer Register Ocarina Hymns independent
Laura Bird The Water In Between Wigborough Music (Mix) (Canadian)
Anna Gutmanis I Am Who I Am independent (Canadian)
Fred Flynn* Stand Tall independent
Afia Smith* Afia Smith independent publishing demo
Turtle Woman Peace Like A River independent
Jamie Anderson Three Bridges Tsunami Recordings (Partial Record/Mix)
Painted Man Great Society independent (5 songs Mix, Mastering)
Janet Belma* Janet Belma independent (Canadian)
Ubaka Hill Beyond The Wind Splevine Music (Partial Record)
Ocean* RX independent
Thom Pease* Troubadour independent
Deb Gauldin* Unsung Heros independent
Carol Nix Emily independent demo single
Vicki Blankenship* Horizons Spotted Kiva
Jamie Anderson Promise Of Light Tsunami Records (Mix)
Tamaras Of Course independent
Someone’s Sister* (Georgia Winfree and Katherine Jones) Hand Me Downs independent
Alix Olson* Independence Meal Subtle Sister Records
Shana Scudder Shana Scudder Little Scudder Records
Vicki Blankenship* Don’t Forget To Breathe Spotted Kiva Records
Bellafea A Quarreling People independent (3 songs)
Harry Manx Wise & Otherwise
(’03 JUNO nominee Blues Album of the Year)
Northern Blues Records (Mix)
Thomas Kovacs* Yes, It’s Her  independent
Ronnie Wiseman* Mystical Mood Marshmellow Records
Big Daddy G Topless
(’02 JUNO nominee Blues Album of the Year)
Reggie’s Records
Michael Cook* Glass Half Full Skyline
PoorMarqus Small Town Oceans independent
50’s Swing Xmas 50’s Swing Xmas Solitudes (Record)
Glen Smith Dinner Music Solitudes (Mix)
Deborah Haber* Into The Deep OperaBufo Records
Fulign* Maximum Strength Fulign Records
Kay Gardner and Mary Watkins Dancing Souls Ladyslipper Music (Record)
Laura Bird* Dreamwalker Wigborough Music
Andrew Covato Ex Nihilo Tonic Records (Mix)
Peggy Green Songs of Naka Peida MHG Records
Michael Cook* Orangeville & The Crowded Night Skyline Prod.
Ken Dunn* Time and Space Snowrose Records
Trish Williams The Other Side Of 50 Moving On Music
Ember Swift* Permanent Marker Few’ll Ignite Sound
Various Artists including
Janis Ian
NWMF Silver WIA Records
Jim Stoltz The Long Trails Wild Wind Records (Mix)
Swamperella Swamperella  independent
Big Daddy G* 4 Blues Reggie’s Records
Ember Swift* Can’t Corner Me Few’ll Ignite Sound
Ubaka Hill* Dance The Spiral Dance Ladyslipper Records
Bill Houston North Of Superior LoneWolf Records (Mix)
Marcia Beck* Another Live Show MBC Records
Kyn* Relatively Speaking Kyn Records
David Abramsky* A World Of Good Mt. Molly Music
Silverbirch* Time For One More Dream
(Nominee, Central Canada Bluegrass Awards)
Coot Records
Jack Grunsky Jumpin’ Jack
(‘97 JUNO nominee Best Children’s Album)
BMG Music
Fulign Walk Me Inside Fulign Records (Mix)
Vivianne LaRiviere* Notes After The Rainstorm The Song Room
April K* Gumball Magic ASK Productions
Stymie The Nine Lives Of Stymie Boys Suck (Mix)
Wishing Chair* Singing With The Red Wolves Terrakin Records
Linda Worster* Different From The Rest Aslan Music
Ken Dunn* Precious Life Snowrose Records
Sheldon & Xiao Grabke Psalms Without Words Psalmrise Music
PEI Alternative Rock Compilation Eat This Edgeline (Mix)
Blue Mule Suits & Boots
(Winner, Central Canada Bluegrass Awards)
Denon Records (Mix)
Tim Harrison* The Stars Above Second Avenue Records
Ubaka Hill* Shape Shifters Ladyslipper Records
Arlene Mantle* Full Circle On The Line
James Phillips Royalty & Other Short Stories Stone River Records
Jan Stanley* Threads Dog Leg Records
Kay Gardner* Ouroboros: Seasons Of Life Ladyslipper Records
Nurudafina Pili Abena* Drum Call Ladyslipper Records
Janet Robertson* Piano Solo Leading Note
Leslie Taylor* First Born Viva Label
Kay Gardner & Nurudafina Pili Abena* One Spirit Ladyslipper Records
Twice Shy* Bulletins From The Front cassette release
Ann Earthling & The Planets* Planet Talk Third From the Sun
Peggy Green* My Voice MHG Records
Modern Renaissance Quartet* Christmas Songs cassette release
Yagottawanna* Yagottawanna Live! YGW Records
Kay Gardner Amazon Ladyslipper Records
Doug Barr* Somebody Loves Ya! Lowansa Records
April K* Three Giants ASK Productions
Alix Dobkin Love & Politics Ladyslipper Records
Bluegrass Connection Path Of Least Resistance cassette release
Lazy Mercedes Tug New Folk Records (Mix)
Chad Mitchell* Virgo Moon Folk Era Records
Kay Gardner* Sounding The Inner Landscape Ladyslipper Records
Robert Gass / On Wings Of Song Shri Ram Spring Hill Music
Robert Gass / On Wings Of Song Opening The Heart Spring Hill Records
Robert Gass / Wings Heart Of Perfect Wisdom Spring Hill Music
Jay Smar* Socket To Me Mountain Laurel Records
Alix Dobkin* Yahoo Australia Ladyslipper Records
Judy Fjell Livin’ On Dreams Honey Pie Music
Therese Edell / Various Artists For Therese Sea Friends Music
Andrea Ayvazian* Stubborn Hope Hilltown Records
Kay Gardner Garden Of Ecstasy Ladyslipper Records
Linda Worster* Moment To Moment cassette release
Robert Gass / Wings Kalama : A Sufi Song Of Love Spring Hill Music
Robert Gass / Wings From The Goddess Spring Hill Music
Laura Berkson* Laura Berkson Brave Ann Music
Joanne Olshansky Pizza Boogie Rounder Records
Southern Rail Home Cabin Home Records
Mimi Baczewska* Turning Tide Mimosa Music
Berkshire Mountain Boys Berkshire Mountain Boys cassette release
Seamus Connelly Here And There Green Linnett Records
Marcia Lee Cutting Dancing With Grace cassette release
Carolyn McDade / Various Artists The Best Of Struggles cassette release
Kay Gardner Avalon Ladyslipper Records
Robert Gass / Wings Hara Hara  Spring Hill Music
Suede* Easily Suede Easily Suede Records
Wheeler & Carol* Mystic Soul Spirit Song Records
The Dyketones Live in Provincetown independent
Matt Johnson* Something About The Moon Dolce & Nuit Records
Robert Gass / Wings Alleliua Spring Hill Music
Matt Glaser Play Fiddle Play Flying Fish Music
The Chicken Chokers Shoot Your Radio Rounder Records
Southern Rail Looking For The Lighthouse Track Records
Marcia Taylor Love Every Step Of The Way Icebergg Records
John Michaels* Red Mill Road Raven Records
Mimi Baczewska Mimi Baa Chef ska Music (mix)
Ben Tousely Standing There With You Whole World Records
Diane Mariechild / Shuli Goodman Inner Dance Aquila Tapes
Carolyn McDade This Tough Spun Web cassette release
Tracy Chapman 4-song demo for radio airplay (her first recording ever!)
Kay Gardner Fishersdaughter Ladyslipper Records
Linda Worster* featuring Livingston Taylor The Choice cassette release
Alix Dobkin These Women / Never Been Better Ladyslipper Records
Debbie Fier Firelight Ladyslipper Records
Mark Graham Natural Selections Front Hall Records
Elmer Hawkes Underdog Sidestreet Records
Patricia McKernon* New Moon Sound Mind Records
Patti O’Keefe Memorable Moments cassette release
Fred Small No Limit Rounder Records
Ruth Pelham Look To The People Flying Fish Records
The Chickens Chokers Chokers & Flies Rounder Records
Robert Gass / Wings Humanity Spring Hill Music
Catherine D’Amato First Loves Hilltown Records
Eric Kilburn Carrying On Wellspring Records
Laura Burns / Roger Rosen Light This Night Flying Fish Records
Ten Percent Revue Ten Percent Revue Aboveground Records
Kay Gardner A Rainbow Path  Ladyslipper Records
Linda Worster* Over And Over  cassette release
Cathy Winter Breath On My Fire  Flying Fish Records
Bright Morning Star Live In The U.S. Rainbow Snake Records
Elliot Pilshaw Native Tongue  Kesem Records
Marienne Kreitlow Wrapped Around The Sun Good Company Records
Carolyn McDade Rain Upon Dry Land  cassette release
Blackwater String Band Songs For A Future Generation  Rounder Records
John Vorhaus Word Processor One Star Records
Susan Graetz* Somewhere Between On Our Way Records
Fred Small Heart Of The Appaloosa  Rounder Records
Linda Worster / Pat McKernon River Of Light cassette release
Betsy Rose, Produced by Roma Baran, (“O Superman” by Laurie Anderson) Live From The Very Front Row Paper Crane Records
Greg Greenway Good Night Mrs. Pappadopoulos  cassette release
Willie Sordillo Silent Highways  Folkways Records
Marcia Taylor* Tinder  Rainbow Snake Records
Nancy Tucker A Little Stronger  Collie Flower Records
Eric Kilburn Every Year Wellspring Records
Ham Branch Bluegrass Great North Woods cassette release
Nick Plakias Boy’s Life Cabin Home Records
Carolyn McDade We Come With Our Voices  cassette release
Betsy Rose / Cathy Winter Strong Singers Origami Records
Debbie Fier In Your Hands  Freedom Music
John Carter Carry The Dream  Bread Winning Records
Marion Wade What A Day Of Victory Rainbow Snake Records
1976 – 1981
Fred Small Love’s Gonna Carry Us Aquifer Records
Little Joe Cook Cook-in  Beantown International
Bright Morning Star Arisin’  Rainbow Snake Records
Charlie King Vaguely Reminiscent  Rainbow Snake Records
Willie Sordillo Please Tip Your Waitress  Folkways Records
Seabright Seabright Seabright Records
Lilith Boston Ride Galaxia Records
Maxine Feldman Closet Sale  Galaxia Records
Walls To Roses Walls To Roses  Folkways Records
Joanna Cazden Hatching Sister Sun Records
Jade and Sarsaparilla Jade & Sarsaparilla  Submaureen Records (assistant engineer)